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  • ``Embrace: Towards Good Theories’’ The Japan Forum for Young Philosophers, Yoyogi Olympic Center, Tokyo. 2019. 7. 12 [Talks were given with no visual aid. The (revised) manuscript will be uploaded. ]

  • ``Logics Probe: A Methodological Bridge between Logics and Metaphysics’’ Nagoya University, Nagoya, Japan. 2019. 6. 26 Nagoya Meta-philosophy Workshop Draft

  • ``Worlds (and Time) are Somewhere: Modal Spatialism and Its Temporal Analogy’’ 2019. 6. 25

  • ``In Search of Lost Spaces: A Endo’s Way’’ Kyoto Univeristy. 2019. 6. 24

  • ``Dimensional Modal Realism: Beyond Yagisawa’’ The Japan Forum for Young Philosophers, Yoyogi Olympic Center, Tokyo. 2018.7.21 Handout

  • ``(A Brief Sketch of) Spatial Modal Realism: Between Formal Semantics and Metaphysics’’, as a contributed (invited) talk for a symposium) 20??.?.?

  • ``Irreflexibe Similarity: Another Solution to Sorites Paradox’’, A talk at Tokyo Forum for Analytic Philosophy (TFAP), University of Tokyo, Japan. 2017.7.19


  • ``Contemporary Debates on Possible Worlds’‘ Japanese Student Research Notes of Philosophy of Science, 1. p. 135-143. Paper

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  • “From a Spatial Perspective: A New Semantics for Counterfactual Conditionals” The Fourth Taiwan Philosophical Logic Colloquium (TPLC 2018). 2018. 11. 15-17 ``Conditionals: Truth-Conditions, Probability, and Causality’’ [Accepted but not presented]

  • “More Truthmakers for Vagueness”